Jon Stewart is a national treasure

Jon Stewart’s takedown of Rick Santelli and CNBC on “The Daily Show”

Hat tip: Terry.

UPDATE, 13 March 2009:  CNBC’s answer to Dick Vitale, Jim Cramer, returns fire, opening the door for another hilarious Stewart takedown (don’t miss the “Dora” clip at the end).  And last night’s “Daily Show” included what sounds like a hard-hitting interview with Cramer (I haven’t watched it yet); the much longer unedited version is available on Comedy Central’s website.

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3 Responses to “Jon Stewart is a national treasure”

  1. democommie Says:


    Thanky! Now if only Stewart could clone himself so he could do the same for House Whip Boner and that assclown, Wample, from TN who also bloviated about the best ways to “help” the economy.

    I swear, the reptilicans, in response to the economic conflagration, have formed a bucket brigade, buckets of gasoline!

  2. JR Says:

    Are you on crack? probably so, paid for with my Tax dollars too I bet.

    Seriously…. just seriously, Stop writing your obviously an idiot and you have no point in joining pencil to paper. Keep smoking your pipe, stay in your moms basement and let the adults handle things.

  3. Ranjit Says:

    Woo hoo! My first troll! Thank you, JR; I am honored.

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