Legalize It — The Economic Argument

I wrote this one for The Huffington Post, so I will send you there.

The essence of the argument is that the expected benefits of legalization far exceed the expected costs, so it’s worth doing. The benefits and costs have little do with what people normally think of as economic factors, like tax revenues and law enforcement expenditures, which are actually quite small. What matters much more is the human cost of arresting, imprisoning, and/or seizing the assets of thousands of people and putting some 20 – 30 million more of them at risk of similar punishment for their recreational behavior.

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One Response to “Legalize It — The Economic Argument”

  1. democommie Says:

    And Twinkies are back, just in time.

    I haven’t been “small” in over 15 years and don’t really feel any urge to get buzzed on pot. Otoh, millions of lives have been pretty much ruined by what WOULD be a victimless crime if the U.S. asinine handling of the War on Drugs hadn’t made selling pot such a great moneymaker. Idiots.

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