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Hats off to Hilzoy

14 July 2009

Hilzoy, one of the political blogosphere’s brightest lights, is retiring from blogging after this week. Bummer.

If you’re not familiar with Hilzoy, she is a philosophy professor who began blogging for Obsidian Wings in 2002, around the time of the Iraq war vote.  Her political posts were always on target and level headed, and her range of topics broadened somewhat over time. Her posts on the financial and economic crisis compare favorably with those of virtually any economist’s site. Very often, they’re better, as she fleshes out her arguments with just the right amount of (non-technical) detail. Come to think of it, Hilzoy’s econ posts are just about exactly what I’m aiming for here at Blogging Through the Wreckage.

And to think your real identity is still a secret, Hilzoy. You’ve got a lot less ego than I do. We’ll miss ya.