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Health care: out of options?

16 August 2009

Economist Richard Thaler has a thought-provoking, argumentative piece in today’s NYT that takes a critical look at the current debate about a public option, or government-run option, for health insurance. The gist of Thaler’s column is that having a public option is unlikely to make much of a difference, at least if it is required to break even. Interesting stuff, especially coming from a sometime Obama adviser and top behavioral economist.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has a new book out about health care which says a public option is absolutely essential for serious reform, but evidently Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have backtracked on that one or were not so keen on it in the first place. Thaler reminds us that the two key issues here are (1) covering the uninsured and (2) bringing down costs. Whether and how that can be done with health insurance cooperatives, the leading proposed alternative to a public option, will be two of the big questions in the weeks to come.

UPDATE, August 18: Rethinking the Economy has a pointed rebuke to Thaler.  So does Dean Baker.  Both suggest he dismisses the public option much too blithely.