Companies love misery

“Dow up on optimism tepid jobs report keeps Fed stimulus going”
headline, CNBC, today

In other words, a lousy labor market is good QE-bait.

Like I said before.

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2 Responses to “Companies love misery”

  1. Mark E. Says:

    How about we center our approach on reducing unemployment and let the chips fly where they may? Eventually, we will have to try a different approach and I think the labor market needs more attention.

  2. democommie Says:

    @Mark E.:

    The best way to reduce unemployment is to build fences along our borders and “repatriate” alla them darksome illegals back to whatever 3rd world hellhole they were spawned from. We’ll repatriate’ em right after they get finished building the fences, the contracts for which will be let to Wackenhut and Xe.

    What difference does it make, anyway? The entire world is going bankrupt because of OBUMMERCARE!! 11tyONe!!!

    Oh, it’s not? Nevermind.

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